Please be aware, if your property has a homestead exemption, the actual tax savings for this year may be offset by your homestead exemption. Our savings estimates are based on market value reduction without taking exemptions into account.
The protest filing deadline is May 15.
The Property Tax Pros Full Service portal is closed for 2021. Thank you for reaching out to Property Tax Pros! The new Full Service portal is now closed. Our portfolio is booked solid for 2021 and we are no longer able to accept new clients at this late date.
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Property Tax Pros is the country's best online service to fight your property taxes!

Property Tax Pros is a team of experienced tax professionals working to help make protesting your property taxes easy. All you do is give us your property data and we do the legwork to create a report that shows an analysis of your assessment based on the most recent tax assessment released by the Central Appraisal District. This analysis includes a report detailing information that will support your property tax protest, enabling you to potentially save on your taxes not just this year, but for years to come.

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Don't OVERPAY your property taxes.

Property Tax Pros is the best ONLINE portal that will analyze your property's valuation, compare it to similar properties in your neighborhood, and give you a detailed report showing discrepancies in valuation that will give credence to your property tax protest.

We offer a money back guarantee.

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It's really very simple. You're just three easy steps away from lowering your taxes!

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Let us Help You

Give us your property ID, or property address, and we will run an analysis and let you know whether or not it's worth your while to continue. If not, well we tried. But, if so, you're on to the next step to saving money!

How it works

Create a Profile

Tell us a bit about yourself, and give us some contact information so we can make your report available to you when you need it. For a flat fee, we will help you save money on your taxes now and in the future.

How it works

Receive your Report

Your report is formatted in a PDF so that you can download, save, and print it. It will be available for your immediate review. Once you have the paperwork, present the report to the Central Appraisal District as part of your protest.

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